Spinnin’ Next Ibiza

Mini Serie
Episode 1 - Trobi
Episode 2 - Mike Williams
Episode 3 - Mesto
Episode 4 - Dastic
Episode 5 - Dante Klein
Episode 5 - Time to party

Over het project

Spinnin’ NEXT is a new platform for groundbreaking DJ talent who are about to breakthrough as the next generation of dance artists.

Spinnin’ Records invited 5 Spinnin’ NEXT artist to Ibiza for ‘Project NEXT’. They were put in a villa for 1 week, to learn from what the island has to offer, to learn form each other, and most importantly; to make new music! Find out more about these talented guys and what they’ve been up to in this 6 episodes series: Project NEXT.


  • Production
  • VideoHuys
  • Edit
  • Tibor Csuprik
  • Camera
  • Mitchell van der Hoef & Tibor Csuprik


Spinnin’ Records


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